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Copywriting for Websites, Print, Digital

At the core of all our copywriting service is a
well crafted story.

We believe that there’s no business connection that couldn’t be enhanced with story

At Glass Slipper Digital we don’t just build web sites and make things look pretty (although we do love doing just that). We pull together the words, images and develop your story to become a formidable marketing and PR tool.

There’s no business connection that couldn’t be enhanced with story

We work together with our parent company (The Story Mill Ltd) using our three step process to develop your story.

In our experience, it’s simply not enough to present a slick image. You need all the components working together to tell your story to the right people. Get the story and message right and deliver this to the right audience and see the magical results.

Story Crafting/Discovery

Everyone, YES EVERYONE, has a unique story. Whether you're a startup or multi-national, we work with you to mine the gems and finely cut and polish them into rich jewels of story that will attract your audience like magpies.

Sound intriguing?

Story Production

So, you've got a great story. It could be of how you have helped a particular customer or it could be the BIG why? Why you do what you do. We help you present that story in the most eye catching, mouth watering, lip smacking, memorable way possible.

Sound intriguing?

Story Broadcasting

Your story is amazing. It's been finely tuned to within an inch of it's life. If no-one hears it, well in our opinion, that's a crying shame. Don't let that happen to you. We'll connect your story to the right people. In fact, you're reading this because we've connected our story to you.

Sound intriguing?

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