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10 excuses for not using Twitter


You can probably guess why I’m writing this but if you don’t get the irony, allow me to explain :

With the advances over the last two decades in technology, this has brought about massive opportunities in business. In particular, new opportunities have arisen to enable us to reach new audiences on a scale only large multi-national companies could afford to reach. More than this, we can now disect our markets and customers with surgical precision and analyse the ROI on each and every marketing dollar. This leads me to the question, why would any business not give these opportunities a fair chance to help them further their business? You also have to ask yourself the question : At which point does the opportunity stop becoming an advantage point but simply the opportunity to survive?

So, if you are still not embracing the Twitter revolution and your excuse fits into any one or more below, you know what to do. Caveat : this is written from a business point of view. If you don’t use Twitter for personal reasons, you may have a bunch of other reasons.

  1. I don’t have enough time.
    20 mins a day, and use some automated tools to find content to share. Do you waste more than 20 mins a day? Bet you do.
  2. Twitter is just for teenagers right?
    No. Just like any market, customers can be segmented by demographics so you can influence the right markets. Anyway, what’s wrong with getting down with the kids. Sorry to be an embarrassment to teenagers around the world!

  3. I have nothing to say.
    Spend 10 minutes with us and I bet we’ll find 100 things for you to say. Even if after this you don’t have much to say, other people have loads to say, so just curate useful content from around the Internet and share with your audience.
  4. My customers are not on Twitter
    I doubt this but even if it’s true, there are plenty of reasons to be on Twitter, here’s a couple a) introduce your products to new markets that your competitors have not spotted yet b) share content from your website that will attract links back to your website. This in turn will help with your search engine rankings so when your customers do search for your products, it will be easier to find them.
  5. I don’t trust social media sites with my information
    You mean Twitter could use the fact that you had muesli for breakfast or your cat can play the flute? Some people are just paranoid!
  6. Twitter is a waste of time and energy
    Well if you don’t spend time and energy on it, you’ll never find out.
  7. I tried it once and we saw no benefits
    See point referring to time and energy
  8. I’m a complete technophobe
    If you can key in your PIN at the ATM you can use Twitter, unless of course you still get paid in cash then you have a point.
  9. I don’t understand it so I won’t bother 
    There’s this thing called Goggle it’s pretty good at finding things out for you or you could use the good people on Twitter who are super good at sharing things!
  10. My competitors are on Twitter and I don’t want them to know what we’re doing
    Well you could go live in a cave while your competitors form long lasting relationships with all your customers

If you have any more reasons to add find us on use handle @glasssdigital and let us know.

How to collect an email address before giving access to a WordPress page

Wordpress restrict access to page or post

It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it. I just want to collect an email address then redirect a user to a page of content. This makes complete sense. You have invested time and money in producing some premium content so it’s only fair you ask for an email address in exchange, right?

So, in the process of building a web site for an IT solutions client of ours, we needed to do just that. A quick google around for plugins surely would come up with what we needed? Alas no. All the plugins were just to over blown, for example, there are a number of full membership plugins available but really these were a huge sledge hammer to crack a very small nut.

Thinking cap on. Let’s break the problem down (as with all programming and process problems)

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10 useful resources for hashtag marketing

Hashtag Marketing Tools

Overview of the hashtag

If you already know what a hash tag is and the power it affords you as a digital marketeer, skip the next bit and read on to the resource list below.

Hash tags are the little gems that are attached to social media content that help social search engines consolidate social conversations. They help people sort through and find conversations they are interested in. They are preceeded by the hash symbol (#) to tag the word it proceeds.There should be no spaces in the word

Twitter was one of the first social networks to make use of hash tags, largely invented by the Twitter community and started taking off around 2007. Facebook later added the ability to use hashtags in 2013.

So what does this mean for marketeers :-

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Outbound Marketing is not dead, it just needs to change.

end of outbound marketing

I recently read that outbound marketing is all but dead – well traditional outbound marketing anyway. ROI on traditional outbound marketing is definitely on the decrease. So what’s the solution?

You’ve probably read an awful lot on “Content Marketing” and Inbound Marketing, so why not combine all three? So how is this achieved? Well the principle, like all good business is simple :

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How to be more effective when carrying out internet research


When carrying out any form of research online, it can be quite easy to fall into the trap of aimlessly surfing the internet and polluting your mind with all sorts of useless information. You know what I mean, we’ve all been there. However, when time is tight and you want to maximise your time online for best effect, here are some key guidelines to keep you on track :

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A new logo, new website and a new name, Glass Slipper Digital

Welcome and thanks for checking out the new look web site.

It’s been approximately three years since we last updated our web site, which in internet terms, is a very long time indeed.

In an ever changing and increasingly competitive market, we needed to :

a) Up our game

b) Refine our offering in line with current demands and bring new skills to market

c) Better define our target market

All of these things meant not only a new web site, but a new look that better reflects where we are now as a company and where we plan to be in the future.

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Responsive web design (RWD) is not just for mobile


If you’ve listen to all the hype around responsive web design, you’ll notice a bias towards mobile visitors and heard how your web site should display responsively to those devices. But what if you rarely get visitors from mobile devices, should you still consider responsive web design?

Predictably, the answer is, it depends!

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