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6 Reasons why I might follow someone on twitter

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Hi all, here’s a quickie on why I would follow someone on twitter. If you have any other reasons, please feel free to comment below.

  1. It’s vaguely  in my area of interest.
  2. I know them (or the brand) or at least I think I do.
  3. They’ve posted something funny, interesting, controversial, useful
  4. I like their logo, branding, twitter header, background
  5. I’m in the mood for reaching out
  6. It appeals to my ego, ie if I(we) are associated with that people/brand, we(I) feel good.
  7. I accidently hit the follow button,
  • Ali Wade

    Another reason could be that they have Liked or Retweeted one of your tweets. Ali @ Tarot Farm

    • davidt

      Yes, very valid. In fact it’s a key strategy in engaging and gaining new followers