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10 useful resources for hashtag marketing

Hashtag Marketing Tools

Overview of the hashtag

If you already know what a hash tag is and the power it affords you as a digital marketeer, skip the next bit and read on to the resource list below.

Hash tags are the little gems that are attached to social media content that help social search engines consolidate social conversations. They help people sort through and find conversations they are interested in. They are preceeded by the hash symbol (#) to tag the word it proceeds.There should be no spaces in the word

Twitter was one of the first social networks to make use of hash tags, largely invented by the Twitter community and started taking off around 2007. Facebook later added the ability to use hashtags in 2013.

So what does this mean for marketeers :-

  1. It allows you to tap into social conversations
  2. Hook up with like minded people
  3. Create a stream or channel of communication with a target audience
  4. Help get your content in front of your target audience

Resources for making good use of the hashtag (#)
They have a search box top left that allows you to put in your hashtag and you get a 24 trending graph for your hastag
Quite a well known site this one. What we love is the interactive connection diagram. Pop in your hashtag and you’ll be rewarded immediately with a diagram showing related hashtags. There are also tabs for finding out top influencers and usage patterns although you’ll have to pay for the pro account for indepth analysis
This service (free and paid plans) will interactively analyze your tweets and tell you how discoverable your tweet via it’s hashtags is going to be. They have browser extensions to slot into your daily social workflow as well as an API (Application Programming Interface)
A live tool that monitors conversations around your selected hashtag. You can view the conversations or join in!
A simple (but effective) guide on how to use hashtags
A very good, concise blog post on how to get more exposure through the use of social hashtags
We love this app. One way to describe it is a “Social Media Aggregator” bound together by hashtags. You can create a board of social media posts for a hashtag that will aggregate content from a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter (of course!), Vine, Google+, Instagram etc. You can even embed your board into your own website with a few lines of code
A blog post about facebook hashtags when they launched searchable hashtags in 2013. Still worth a read.
A comprehensive hashtag tracking and analytics application. Paid app with a free trial
The ultimate guide to Twitter Hashtags from the authority on search : Search Engine Journal