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Crafting powerful stories into web sites and other digital media

From the blog

How to collect an email address before giving access to a WordPress page

It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it. I just want to collect an email address then redirect a user to a page of content. This makes complete sense. You have invested time and money in producing some premium content so it’s only fair you ask for an email …

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10 useful resources for hashtag marketing

Overview of the hashtag If you already know what a hash tag is and the power it affords you as a digital marketeer, skip the next bit and read on to the resource list below. Hash tags are the little gems that are attached to social media content that h …

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Outbound Marketing is not dead, it just needs to change.

I recently read that outbound marketing is all but dead – well traditional outbound marketing anyway. ROI on traditional outbound marketing is definitely on the decrease. So what’s the solution? You’ve probably read an awful lot on “Content Marketing” …

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A YouTube easter egg

  If you haven’t heard of Easter Eggs (not the chocolate type) in relation to software, there are hidden features in software that are activated usually by some keyboard combination. Once activated you, the user, are rewarded with some sort of gra …

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Recent Work

The Story Mill Web Design

Branding / Livery, custom Wordpress build for The Story Mill, an innovation communications company using the power of story telling in business.

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Wordpress CMS

The Tao of Storytelling Web Design

A micro site create for the launch of “The Tao of Storytelling” by Claire Taylor. A customised Wordpress template build.

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Wordpress CMS

Ten Mile Menu Magento Ecommerce Design & Build

This text should appear on the rollover

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